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Filming Location
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Juniper Crew Ltd

TV/Film Location Management

Juniper Crew Ltd is run by 

Daniel 'Mac' & Emma MacKinnon-Pattison, We provide Location crew for hetv & film shoots; Unit Manager/Location Manager. we offer professional, hardworking crew, with a strong focus on attention to detail. we can also provide hybrid accounts & co-ordination support - studio/home based. 


Daniel 'Mac' is the 'boots on the ground' and has experience of Unit Managing hETV & Scouting, is a  22 year Veteran of the British Armed Forces and also a qualified electrician, with an HGV licence.

If you would like to contact him it's... or 07733 777229

emma is keen to improve sustainability within TV & Film and tries to make positive steps with this through juniper crew ltd. Emma deals with anything financial/contractual and can provide hybrid accounts/administrative support, always with an eye on sustainability!

For emma it's... call or whatsapp 07788 777223


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We have a passion for sustainability and are keen to work with productions that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. we will actively support the productions we work on achieve their albert sustainable accreditation. we keep up to date with sustainability training and are ever increasing our knowledge in this field,


we are keen to reduce our use of fossil fuels and have purchased the first fully electric truck available in the uk. our other vehicles are euro 6 and ulez compliant, where off road and towing capability is needed.


please contact emma to chat sustainability! call or whatsapp 07788 777223


What we Do



Scouting & Location Prep Work



Unit Management/Location   Management


hybrid accounts & admin Support

Any work that can be done over phone/Zoom, laptop!

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we are keen to promote & share sustainable practices

Our Clients

and Valued Partners

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Mam Tor Productions (Chloe) Ltd

BBC Drama - Chloe

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Mammoth Screen

ITV Drama - McDonald & Dodds


42 Productions Ltd


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Eleventh Hour Films 

Alex rider season 3

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Moonage Pictures 

The Famous Five

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