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Location Crew


Location Unit Manager



daniel 'mac' mackinnon-pattison

Mac is your go-to Unit Manager when you need a professional with experience, dedication and someone that will go the extra mile. he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project he works on. Mac will always go above and beyond to make sure our clients are satisfied. His long Military career has taught him to be patient, resourceful and have a can-do attitude. hard graft and a little bit of humour thrown in for good measure!! 

Mac is committed to sustainability and working within a budget, without compromising on quality. He is reliable and you can count on him to deliver what he promises;

Happy to work anywhere if the rate is right! After a long Military career working away from home isn't a problem.

Available for work as Location Unit Manager/ALM/Location Manager. rate as per current bectu experienced level.



Unit Manager Credits & location Scouting 

Chloe - Mam tor - Unit manager & location scout

McDonald & Dodds S.3 - mammoth screen - unit manager

42 Productions - flatshare - Unit Manager & Location scout

Minim Productions - pilot NLMG - Unit Manager

Eleventh Hour Films - Alex Rider Season 3 - Unit Manager & Location scout

Moonage Pictures - The famous Five - Unit Manager & Location scout



Location Scouting & Hybrid Accounts/Admin Support

Location Scouting services for Tv/Film

You tell us what you need and we'll try and find it!

Mac worked for a hostile environment media team when serving in the british army so is happy to tackle scouting world wide in any environment - hostile environment work welcomed! extensive military photography course for stills and video. can provide scouting via stills, video, 365's and drone.

Hybrid remote Production/Accounts support

Emma has a wealth of experience in managing businesses, accounts and people. Emma can provide you with hybrid accounts and admin support with a friendly approach and a hardworking ethos. With a focus on delivering high quality work, attention to every detail and executing work with pride and precision.


Emma is passionate about sustainability and aims to make a positive impact on the environment with every project we undertake. Let us collaborate with you and bring your creative project to life.


set, shoot & event Hire

Our sister business 'mustard blue' provides set-supplies for hire and purchase. supplying film sets, photo shoot, events or anyone that would like to do business with them! particularly those business' that are passionate about being environmentally conscious.


this business is run by emma mackinnon-pattison , who is passionate about the business' having a green ethos at its core. with sustainability, carbon reduction and becoming more circular at the forefront of all purchasing decisions, always looking for the greener option than the industry standard. We are keen to repair and re-use items for as long as possible, rather than buying new for each job. trying to do our bit for the environment and adopting a more circular approach.

please reach out to Emma bt phone or email 

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